How We Charge

How We Charge

Goldsborough is a fee for service business. We are not remunerated by commissions, except in the case of life insurance.

Free Initial Appointment

Our advisers offer a free initial appointment to prospective clients. This is important as it allows the adviser an opportunity to hear your objectives and determine upfront if we can assist or not. It also gives you the opportunity to explore if you and the adviser are compatible before engaging them.

Strategic Advice

If you decide that you would like to proceed with strategic advice from Goldsborough a fee will be charged based on the level of complexity and work involved. The amount of the fee and what our advice will cover will be clearly explained to you in writing before we ask you to sign off your agreement.

The fee includes a face to face meeting to go through the recommendations and a Statement of Advice which explains the strategy in plain English. The fee can be invoiced to you directly, or in some circumstances, it will be possible to pay the fee via a deduction from your investment capital.


      Tailored Strategic Advice Packages

      Aged Care Strategic Advice

Product Implementation

Where we make product recommendations as part of our advice, and you wish to go ahead with these recommendations then an Implementation fee will be payable to Goldsborough to cover our time in organising the paperwork and ensuring the investments are put in place correctly.

This fee will be clearly disclosed in the Statement of Advice. It can be invoiced to you directly or, in most cases, there will be the option to have it deducted from your investments.

Ongoing Advice

If you would like to engage your adviser on an ongoing basis to review your financial plan and your investments then we have a range of ongoing services designed to suit the different needs of our clients. Your adviser will discuss your expectations around what you require as ongoing service as well as any cost constraints and recommend a package to you. You can elect to make changes to the package of services we recommend.

We will provide you with a Client Service Agreement, which clearly sets out what is included in your ongoing service package. This agreement is signed off by both the client(s) and the adviser. The fee is calculated on the basis of how much is included in the package. It can be invoiced to you directly or deducted from your investments.
In most cases having an ongoing service package in place will be a more cost effective option than paying for advice on a transactional basis.

Life Insurance

For insurance advice we are able to operate under the fee for service basis described above, or alternatively you can elect for our remuneration to be covered fully or partially via a commission paid to us when we place insurance on your behalf.

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