Investment Advice

Investment Advice

Good investment advice is a key ingredient to meeting your financial goals.

Investment advice includes:

  • Professional risk profiling to work out the most appropriate asset allocation for your portfolio,
  • Explaining investment risks and balancing the amount of risk that is appropriate in order to meet your goals, and
  • Tailoring a diversified portfolio that is matched against the timeframe of your objectives.

Goldsborough holds our own Australian Financial Services License and we have the freedom to develop our own portfolios free of restrictions imposed by a third party.

We recommend a range of different products such as Wrap Accounts, Mastertrusts, Retail products and Portfolio Administration Services with underlying investments including:

  • Direct shares
  • Managed funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Term Deposits
  • Annuities

Further information regarding our Investment Philosophy can be found here.