Our Claims Process

Our Claims Process

If you need to claim- we are here to help.

When it comes to insurance, it pays to know how a claim is processed. It simply makes sense to know what you’re entitled to if and when it comes to claiming on the policy you have been paying premiums for.

Below are a few simple steps for you to follow and allow us here at Goldsborough Financial Services, assist you through this process.

1. Let Goldsborough know that you want to claim.

  • We ask that you, or your next of kin or executor, contact us in the first instance if there is a potential claim on your insurance policy.
  • We will explain the steps to be taken and the requirements which may be asked of you.
  • We will also gather some information about the nature of the claim in order to notify the insurer.

2. Notify the insurer and get the right forms.

  • We will notify the insurer/s on your behalf and request the applicable forms be provided to us.
  • We will then forward them to you, or your next of kin or executor.

3. Complete and lodge the claim forms.

  • Once the completed documents have been returned to us these are reviewed to ensure they are completed fully and we forward them promptly to the insurer for assessment.
  • We will follow up where we notice anything missing or incomplete.

4. Goldsborough will follow up and keep you informed.

A member of the Goldsborough insurance team will regularly follow up the claim assessment with the Case Manager appointed by the insurer and update you on a fortnightly basis.

5. Review your Financial Plan

Once the claim is approved and has been paid we will be in touch to discuss any financial planning consequences which may need to be addressed, such as investment strategies for proceeds, potential Centrelink entitlements or revising budgets and cash flows.

The Life Insurance claims process can be quite complex and insurers may need to consult with a number of third parties, including your doctors and Medicare. Ensuring that you keep good records of any events leading to a claim will certainly help with the overall process.

We at Goldsborough Financial Services are here to help and remove any unnecessary stress when dealing with a potential claim.