Have you got Insurance cover? Is it the right type of cover? Is it the right amount of cover?

At Goldsborough we are passionate about the need to protect what is most important to our clients, their income and their family. Personal risk insurance is a key element of financial planning.

You need to consider:

  • Life Insurance
  • Total and Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD)
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Business Expenses Insurance

The benefits of using an adviser rather than going direct to an insurance company include:

  • An obligation free initial face to face appointment, at no cost
  • Flexibility to have appointments after hours or at your workplace
  • Access to multiple insurance providers
  • Assistance to work out the types and amounts of cover required
  • Assistance in medical underwriting
  • There to assist you in the event of a claim to ensure benefits are payable as soon as possible

Our claims process is where the real value lies- and if you need to make a claim, we're here to help. You can find out more about our claims process here.

If you would like an assessment of your Risk requirements, please contact Craig Kirkwood or Valeska Farrow (Life Risk Assistant) on 08 8378 4000