Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a continual process that ensures your financial strategies adapt over the years to your changing needs.

Ideally a financial plan would cover your entire financial situation however there are times when it may be more appropriate to limit it to a particular issue that is of critical importance at the time. Similarly in some circumstances it might only be necessary to complete Steps 1-4 of the process in order to meet your objectives.

What's the process?


Step 1 Gathering Information About You

We will meet with you face to face to uncover the information that is critical to us getting an accurate picture of your current financial position.

Step 2 Identify Your Financial and Lifestyle Goals.

In this equally important part of the initial process your adviser will help you to identify and articulate your goals and aspirations.


Step 3 Identify Your Financial Issues

We will analyse your current situation, in conjunction with your goals, to identify any 'gaps' that need to be addressed in order to get you where you want to go.

Step 4 Prepare Your Financial Plan

Your financial plan will bring together your current situation, your goals and the strategies we recommend. It will be tailored to your individual situation and presented in an easy to understand format and language.


Step 5 Implement Your Financial Plan

We will organise the paperwork you need to complete and follow through the placement of investments to ensure everything is put in place correctly.

Step 6 Reviewing and Revising Your Plan

We will work out an ongoing service package to suit you. You can be assured that Goldsborough has all of the necessary systems and people in place to make sure each of our commitments to you are met.