Estate Planning for Life

Estate Planning for Life

When someone falls critically ill, has an accident or dies, it’s left to those closest to them to pick up the pieces.

We work closely with our clients to determine what steps they can take now while their life is in control, to help their loved ones manage in a crisis when things seem out of control.

We are very proud of our our Estate Planning for Life (EFPL) program. This is our way of ensuring that our clients are as prepared as they possibly can be for life’s greatest challenges.

Please take the time to speak with your adviser about how Estate Planning for Life can be part of your financial plans. 

There are 6 key components:

1) The What’s Important to You (WITY) Report

This first step of the EFPL program consists of a survey which allows you to rate the issues of most importance to you and see how prepared you are in each area. It’s useful to identify any areas of concern that need addressing i.e is your Will in place and valid, have you nominated a Power of Attorney etc. The report generated based on your responses includes an Action Plan of items to be addressed, ranked by priority.

2) The Information That Matters (ITM) Register

This is a central register of information for you to keep safely at home. It contains all the information that family and professionals might need in a time of crisis. It lists key people, structures, documents, assets, liabilities, insurances and much more. Think of this document as a “one stop shop” of information about your financial matters that a loved one or Power of Attorney can pick up and refer to if something was ever to happen to you.

3) The Estate Planning Record

This record is a list of key issues that have been identified by your Adviser and forms the basis of a briefing note for Estate Planning lawyers. We have relationships in place with trusted estate planning lawyers to refer you to for the preparation of Wills, PoAs, Advanced Care Directives, Trusts etc. We can facilitate these meetings in our office, and also offer a secure document vault in which we can store certified copies of all your important Estate Planning Documents.

4) The Crisis Management Plan

The Crisis Management Plan is an action plan for family to follow during a crisis (illness, disablement, or death);

  • What do I need to know?
  • Who do I call?
  • What do I ask them?
  • What is urgent and what can wait?

5) Family Consultation

We can facilitate a family consultation in our offices to help your family understand the roles that they and various advisers will play in a time of crisis. We can discuss your Estate Plans, End of Life wishes and other important matters and address any questions your family may have.

6) Ongoing Review

We work with you to regularly review your Estate Planning documents, ITM Register and Crisis Management Plan to ensure that when they are required, they are as accurate as possible, providing real peace of mind to you and your loved ones.