Aged Care Planning

Aged Care Planning

Finding and moving into an Aged Care facility can be a confusing and stressful time.

In most cases children are heavily involved in the decision and the process of moving a parent or parents into an Aged Care facility.

Often there will be little time to prepare and you will be trying to find the best accommodation possible whilst also weighing up a number of difficult financial decisions.

There are several ways that Goldsborough can help:-

  • Our advisers can provide advice and financial projections comparing the effects of selling or retaining the principal residence on Aged Care fees, Centrelink benefits and overall cashflow.
  • Advisers can assist in setting up an investment strategy that is appropriate for your particular family circumstances and is simple to understand and manage. There are strategies available that assist in making the most of any government entitlements.
  • We can refer you to an Aged Care Consultant who assists with recommending and sourcing placement options and managing the application process.

How much does it cost?

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Matthew KellySam Martin and Brenton Miegel are Goldsborough's specialists on Aged Care financial planning and can be contacted on 08 8378 4000.