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Documents & Downloads

This is a collection of Fact Sheets, Downloads and Audio Files on common financial planning concepts and strategies.

Audio Files

FiveAA “Money Talks” - 5th July 2018

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In this episode we discussed the new "Downsizer Contribution" rules, transferring of property from parents to children and the Centrelink impacts of doing so, and took several calls from listeners on a variety of topics.

FiveAA “Money Talks” - 21st June 2018

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In this episode we cover last minute contributions to Super, tax deductions, transferring Super to Australia from the UK and the latest publication by the ACCC called the "Little Black Book of Scams".

FiveAA “Money Talks” - 7th June 2018

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In this episode we covered end of financial year super contributions, recent banking and financial planning headlines and some last minute "to-do's" before June 30!

FiveAA “Money Talks” - 24th May 2018

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2018 financial year is the first year that employees have been able to add a lump sum contribution to their super and claim a tax deduction for it. We explained; How you can add to super and claim a tax deduction, who can do it, who qualifies for the Government Co-Contribution scheme and much more!

FiveAA “Money Talks” - 10th May 2018

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In this episode we covered the proposals within the 2018-2019 Federal Budget around super, the Age Pension and changed for those entering Aged Care and took calls from listeners.

FiveAA “Money Talks” - 26th April 2018

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In this episode we discussed the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking and Financial Services Industry. One area that the Royal Commission has highlighted is “fee for no service.” This is basically where an investor has money deducted from their account and is not receiving the service promised. We covered some things that listeners can do if they find themselves in this position.

FiveAA “Money Talks” - 12th April 2018

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In this episode, we discussed "What to do with your leave when you leave?". Many clients are unsure whether to cashout their leave entitlements and if they do, what impact this might have on any Government benefits they might be entitled to. Lachlan Harvey and Brenton Miegel covered this and took calls from FiveAA listeners during this time.

FiveAA “Money Talks” - 29th March 2018

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In this episode we discussed the ongoing Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry and what people should do if they have concerns about the quality of advice they are getting from their adviser.

FiveAA “Money Talks” - 15th March 2018

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In this episode we discussed the Labor Party's plans to prevent people claiming a refund of franking credits. We covered; 1. What is a Franking Credit? 2. Who is entitled to receive a refund for franking credits? 3. How can investors claim this refund? 4. Can you claim for previous years? 5. How do franking credits work in a super fund? 6. How do franking credits work in a pension fund? 7. Who could be disadvantaged by such a rule change? Retirees? Charities? Low income earners?

FiveAA “Money Talks” - 1st March 2018

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In this episode we discussed retirement planning and how it is never too late (or too early) to begin. We took calls from listeners who were actively thinking about their own retirement, and discussed our upcoming Tomorrow Ready Talks and what we cover in these sessions.

FiveAA “Money Talks” - 15th February 2018

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Estate planning can be a difficult subject to raise with family members. It can probably also make for some pretty dark radio conversation. We’ll aim to shed some light on the topic. • What can small steps can you take now to help your loved ones when you die? Will you be leaving a well-planned and organised financial legacy or an untidy mess of confusion and complication? • So, you’ve made a Will, and an Enduring Power of Attorney. That’s great. What else can you do?

FiveAA “Money Talks” - 1st February 2018

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At the start of the calendar year we receive a lot of superannuation queries, perhaps people have had more time reflect on their finances. So, we’ll try to answer some of the basic questions: 1. Who gets to choose which super fund you use? 2. How much should your employer be putting into your super? 3. What happens if you’re self-employed? 4. Is it a good idea to make extra super contributions yourself?

FiveAA “Money Talks” - 18th January 2018

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Today we discussed our "Tomorrow Ready Talks". These talks are all about the challenges of planning a successful retirement. Put simply, retirement planning has never been more complex or intimidating. We cover: • Superannuation • Allocated Pensions • Annuities • Age Pension • Shares • Managed Funds • Aged Care


Staying safe online - ebook

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An e-book provided by Colonial First State regarding cyber-safety and how to stay safe online.

ACCC - Little Black Book of Scams

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A pocket-sized guide to spotting, avoiding and reporting consumer fraud

The Advertiser Press Release 08/12/2015

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As seen in the Business Journal of The Advertiser on Tuesday 8th December 2015

2015 Federal Budget Overview

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Our team of advisers at Goldsborough have reviewed the budget announcements and filtered them into the items that we believe are most likely to affect our clients, and then grouped them into areas of interest. As we always stress these are just the announced intentions of the Government and most will need to passed by both houses of Parliament before they become law.

Financial Services Guide

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AMP - Cost of Kids Report

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Fact Sheets

Funeral Bonds

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Transition To Retirement Strategy

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Estate Planning

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Allocated Pensions

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Goldsborough Policies

Referral Policy

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A referral from an existing client is the most popular way for someone to find their new financial planner. With so many key decisions and long-term goals to be set, a referral from a friend or a colleague makes the decision of finding a financial planner that much easier. As a result, here at Goldsborough we receive many referrals from our clients and treat each referral very seriously.

Privacy Policy

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Goldsborough Financial Services are bound by, and committed to supporting, the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) set out in the Privacy Amendment Act 2012. We believe that this Statement will address any potential concerns you may have about how personal information you provide us is collected, held, used, corrected, disclosed and transferred. You can obtain more information on request about the way we manage the personal information we hold by contacting us in one of the ways set out at the end of this document.

Financial Services Guide

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